Sketchbook Cleveland: Edgewater

Sketchbook Cleveland: Edgewater

An illustrated guide to a city on the move

Summer madness: Edgewater

Summer madness: Edgewater

Sketchbook Cleveland is a twice-monthly feature by South Euclid writer and illustrator Karen Sandstrom. With sketchbook in hand, Sandstrom scouts Northeast Ohio to find its celebrated and hidden treasures, documenting them in her inimitable style. 

With the summer heating up, Sandstrom set her sights on Edgewater Park, a diamond with rough edges along the Lake Erie shore. If you've spent any amount of time living on the North Coast, odds are you have a treasure trove of memories involving the lake. This illustration captures all the uniquely Cleveland foibles that come with the city's lakefront.

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On July 17th, 2010 @ 04:38:am,  stated:

Very nice. I used to head down to Edgewater for lunch when I worked downtown. Miss that!

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