Sketchbook Cleveland: Marblehead

Sketchbook Cleveland: Marblehead

A world away on Lake Erie

I'll be honest: The Lake Erie islands represent, to me, youthful debauchery. I won't go into the whole sad tale, but let's just say that I spent a college weekend in Put-in-Bay and it involved way too much bad local wine and an unfortunate incident that led me to weeping over the song "Brandy" by Looking Glass. 

The islands are no strangers to debauchery, but – well, you really should experience them as a sober and upstanding citizen. There's so much great maritime history there, as well as gorgeous scenery. 

I'd never seen the Marblehead Lighthouse, so I spent an afternoon exploring the park there and some of the little shops in the town. It was only a day, but I came back home feeling like I'd been in another world altogether.


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