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About: is a fully interactive web magazine that features a wealth of regionally driven editorial content. As Ohio’s premier online magazine, features award-winning writers and experts who connect readers to the community with contemporary coverage of the region’s best and brightest. Readers will find stories from the culinary world, arts community, entertainment industry and fashion scene, in addition to the latest home and garden trends, and health and education news. A professional team of experienced editors and designers manages The editorial tone is positive in nature and builds excitement about our region as a great place to live, work and play.   


As’s name suggests, we are concerned with stories that affect our region of the world. Our scope of coverage seeks to connect our readers to the community with contemporary coverage of the region’s best and brightest from the culinary world, arts and entertainment community and fashion scene, plus the latest on home and garden, health, education and more. This may take the form of feature stories, profiles, short columns and essays, in addition to photo essays, podcast and video segments. We do not typically publish stories about big business and sports, or works of fiction. 

Our readers are active in their communities and well read. They keep abreast of current events and news, so pitches and manuscripts must present a compelling story with character, style and voice that offer well beyond a simple recitation of facts. 

Crafting A Pitch:

Please familiarize yourself with the tone and style of’s editorial before submitting a completed manuscript or pitch. If you are unfamiliar with the elements of magazine writing versus newspaper reporting, blog writing, etc., please review your submission carefully prior to submitting it for consideration by Please note that unsolicited completed manuscripts received by do not guarantee publication unless expressly outlined in a signed contract with Authority Media LLC.

Completed Manuscripts: 

Any manuscript submitted to should be fact-checked prior to submission and should report the facts, including quotations, with absolute accuracy. All articles will be sent through a round of edits by the staff, but manuscripts should demonstrate sound journalism upon submission.  


Please email pitches and manuscripts to the editors below. All pitches should be concise and summarize the scope of the proposed article. The pitch should explain why you are the appropriate writer for the story, in addition to how you would develop the story, including potential sources, places you would travel/visit, etc. Also, please explain the area of the site that you envision your story appearing (Arts, Home & Style, Region, a blog post, etc). If applicable, please attach clips (preferably published) that help illustrate your style. It helps if you can establish your expertise in a particular area.

Please submit pitches/manuscripts using Microsoft Word. If your word processor does not support Word, please note that in the body of your email. Do not paste copy into the body of any mail. Please provide a phone number and email address where you may be contacted. 

If we are interested in your pitch/manuscript, we will contact you within a reasonable timeframe following your inquiry. Please do not call. Due to the volume of incoming communication, a complete and thoughtful email pitch is best.


Currently, all full- and part-time positions at Authority Media LLC are filled. Any resume received at the offices of will be retained for a reasonable amount of time after receipt and qualified candidates for open positions will be contacted accordingly.

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